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In general, the work load of the CAM user is reduced as NC machining requires no complex import, export or translation of model files. The full associativity with the CAD model is guaranteed at all times.This means that changes made to the CAD data result in the loss-free, automatic update of the CAD commands and therefore in a direct recalculation of the toolpaths.

(Yes, we said "epic" for a reason.) These feeds should run from about noon to 4 p.m. This company has partnerships with observatories all over the world, allowing it to stream almost any astronomical event.

Joint access to an identical database simplifies and speeds up the processes in the CAD/CAM software.

Working with the CAD/CAM system is generally much more efficient.

The longest totality will last at any location is less than three minutes, but some feeds will have dozens of cameras sprinkled across the country.

On solar-eclipse day, the space agency's main feed is going to be epic.


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