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In a new low for the Government backed website, an advert spotted by an eagle-eyed tweeter over the weekend calls for females presenters for The ad was posted by, a new soft porn and ‘lads’ online television channel recently launched by Loaded magazine.Whilst the wording of the advert is vague, it seems likely this work is for webcam models – a booming sector of the porn industry.This should generate substantial new revenues for Google. (Viewers search on the site more than 2.5 billion times per month). Google likes to pretend that paid search ads can be just as relevant as organic search results. But when it comes to video, the sex factor gets magnified, and what you end up with half the time are sex videos no matter what the search term happens to be.For instance, when I did a search for “sports”, the second top sponsored result was for “WWE Divas, Sexy Sports Girls.” (See screen shot above).The new job matching service for unemployed people, Universal Jobmatch, could see claimant’s forced into the sex industry or face having benefits stopped.Already the bug-ridden website has featured on Channel 4 news after job vacancies appeared which were little more than identity fraud scams.You Tube on its own would rank as the second largest search engine after Google. Google has already figured out how to make money from search. You Tube has long resisted selling search results, but it has now caved in.

In a statement to Channel 4 they attempt to completely wash their hands of any responsibility for misuse of the website claiming Yet the website was built at great cost by the recruitment firm Monster Jobs – a company which has their own similar website for jobseekers which isn’t riddled with sex work and identity scams.

cleaners and bar staff and c) jobs must display the age requirement of 18 or over.

No other adult entertainment jobs will be accepted.” There is no requirement on the internet babe chat vacancy that applicants are over 18.

It is equally possible that a vulnerable young claimant could feel they have no choice but to apply for the vacancy and if successful take up the position.

If they refuse they could face having benefits stopped, potentially for up to three years.


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