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Their leap forward was sudden, but little was certain heading into 2010. The offense has regressed each year, and after building one of the nation's best defenses at any level, Bohl has no momentum on that side of the ball.

That's nothing new for a program that has either stayed the same or regressed for nine of the last 10 seasons: Last year's depth chart was littered with freshmen and sophomores. But freshmen and sophomores become sophomores and juniors, and if Bohl is going to succeed in Laramie, we'll probably start seeing how in 2016.

They went 15-7 in their first two years in FCS, then 20-2 in their next two.

Once eligible, they reached the FCS quarterfinals, then won three straight national titles. Bohl doesn't mind taking a while to lay a foundation.

The problems arose the moment Wyoming fell off schedule.

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One of my favorite pieces by podcast mate Steven Godfrey was about life as a Wyoming football fan.Pat Dye went 6-5 in 1981 before taking the Auburn job. If you're not up for it, it doesn't take long to figure out (Vic Koenning, for example: 5-29 from 2000-02). Now 57, Bohl could have remained at North Dakota State until retirement.Dennis Erickson went 6-6 in 1986, then moved on to Washington State, then Miami. The former Duke and Nebraska defensive coordinator oversaw the Bison's seamless transition from Division II to what is now FCS.It boasts far better revenue than a UL-Monroe, but it lacks ULM's proximity to recruits (and budgeting for recruiting travel is tricky).It offers freedom to get creative -- here, Joe Tiller first perfected the pass-first attack that would take Purdue to the Rose Bowl -- but offers few of the natural resources to pull it off.Standard downs shine a light on what your team wants to be.


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