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* EXPORT FLASH TO FILE: Backup your current NOR/NAND to file on dev_usb000.

Takes about 45secs for NAND * CHANGE ACTIVE PS3ID: Spoof IDPS in LV2 memory. EID5 will spoof your original CEX IDPS allowing you to connect to PSN if your PS3 is running REBUG REX EDITION firmware in DEX mode.

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However none of the REBUG REX EDITIONS have emer_patched (create smaller Game OS partition). In the meantime if you do want to create an Other OS partition you have two options: 1: Use a 3.55 firmware that already has emer_patched to the size you want.2: Patch REBUG 3.55.3 REX EDITION in PS3MFW Builder If you choose option 2 we highly recommend that you ONLY patch emer_Also the resulting PUP will only be able to be installed on 3.55 firmware as the spkg_hdr will be mismatched.Note: The rebug packages are provided as a mirror in case they are unavailable and for historical proposes.You should support rebug development by visiting Rebug's website and downloading from there: COBRA Payload 7.52 including @habib's bug fix for lv1 peek support for multi MAN, @deank's backup disc support for PS3 games KW and @aldostools's homebrew blocker (thanks to @kokotonix for informing) 2. X 1/12 2017 Chinese (Traditional) added [Google translator was used to convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese] 1/10/2017 Updated Chinese texts Added ps2_netemu toggler for COBRA 7.5 12/23/2016 Fixed the bug with reboot // Thanks to @Zarh Fixed the font issue // Thanks to @Zarh Updated French and Korean 12/21/2016 REBUG TOOLBOX [MULTI] Now Rebug toolbox [MULTI] supports following languages 0x0=German 0x1=English (US) 0x2=Spanish 0x3=French 0x4=Italian 0x5=Dutch 0x6=Portuguese (Por) (Needs Translation) 0x7=Russian 0x8=Japanese 0x9=Korean 0x A=Chinese (Traditional) (Needs reviewed) 0x B=Chinese (Simplified) 0x C=Finnish (Needs Translation) 0x D=Swedish (Needs Translation) 0x E=Danish (Needs Translation) 0x F=Norwegian (Needs Translation) 0x10=Polish (Needs Translation) 0x11=Portuguese (Bra) (Needs Translation) 0x12=English (UK) (Needs Translation) 0x13=Indonesian 0x14= Greek (maybe in need of new font?Use this if your PS3 is having trouble booting PS2 titles after running Other OS or is accidently sending you back to Other OS when trying to enter recovery mode.


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