Updating swing components from an arbitrary thread

In the Java SE 8 release, these values are no longer quoted.This is in strict conformance with the RFC 2617, HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication.This section describes Java SE 8 incompatibilities in the Java Language, the JVM, or the Java SE API.Note that some APIs have been deprecated in this release and some features have been removed entirely.Java SE 8 Language Specification has introduced static and default methods for interfaces.

updating swing components from an arbitrary thread-72

The Java SE 8 Editions of the Java Language Specification and JVM Specification did not account for this, with the result that JDK 8 exhibited unspecified behavior.

The JDWP specification has now been updated to allow such invocations.

In JDWP, a new command Digest Authentication implementation incorrectly quoted some values in the WWW-Authenticate Response Header.

While these are incompatibilities, they have been called out in separate lists.

For more information, see Deprecated APIs and Features Removed from JDK 8.


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