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my code so far is: In the benchmarks category wand id were null, so the IN for category doesn't get generated.

I will be replacing that with a intflag in the future as a fast way to support multiple categories. Imagine the cost of moving relational data to 10k instances of some class and inject run-time features like self-tracking or lazy-loading.

The required information will be filled under the field.

If the firmware version doesn’t match the above data, cancel any attempt to unlock your device.

Agree with replacing the firmware and wait for the upgrade to be completed.

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I have had an old style tomtom for years, but needed to replace due to being unable to update maps.Before going on with the unlock method and install free maps on Garmin Nuvi 55/56 or Nuvi 65/66 – we do not take any responsibility for bricking or any damage that may occur to your device during the process.The current unlock method features risks that you will have to take.Wondering how to unlock a Garmin Nuvi 55/56 or a 65/66 gps device?The process in’t overall difficult; however it requires a high degree of attention to avoid permanent damage to the navigation system.Download this software, copy the exe file in the same folder where the Garmin map is, then run it. Of course, you can opt for buying the official map and classic update for this GPS model – a method that I highly recommend and which will provide a damage-proof functionality of your Garmin Nuvi navigation system.


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