Updating with rpm

It's a shame other reviewers haven't had the same experience - mine seems to be great at drying.

updating with rpm-23

As the problems have now been fixed and the machine is working correctly, I would definitely recommend this washer dryer to anybody looking for a decent, sturdy machine with all of the usual mod cons. Dries clothes better and faster than my previous washer dryer (also a Hoover - HBD642N), which in turn dried things miles better than the Hotpoint I had before that.

) Functional disappointments are that, as mentioned in other reviews, the 1400rpm spin speed is only available on the cotton cycles, and also there is no timed dryer function - only sensor dry.

My previous Hoover had the option to use sensor or timer for drying times.

I then noticed this one had just been released and although it had no reviews. It is quiet, efficient and effective and the digital display is handy as it shows you how many minutes are left remaining on the current cycle.

You can programme the washer to start drying your clothes straight after the washing cycle has completed and it has a large 7kg drum. It looks very nice (despite being integrated and hidden behind a cupboard door) and was easy to install.


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