Updating your operating system

Once the constraints are relaxed, the package can be updated independently of the rest of the system.

The package can then be frozen using Packages might have cross-dependencies and, thus, require updating at the same time.

You can obtain the SSL certificates by using the registration application at

After you install the SSL certificates, you can access the Support Repository using the (1) command-line utility or the Package Manager graphical utility.

Bug fixes are delivered via updates to software packages.

When a package is updated in an SRU, the package's version string is also incremented.

The packaging software will enforce a consistent image on the system: If it cannot satisfy the dependencies, the packages will not be modified.

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Unlike Oracle Solaris Update releases, which include a wide range of new operating system features, the Oracle Support Repository is available only to systems under a support contract and includes a smaller set of critical changes. If you would like to get up to speed with IPS, read "How to Update Oracle Solaris 11 Systems From the Oracle Support Repository." The Oracle Solaris 11 software is delivered by a set of packages, with each group of packages constrained by , which ensure that package versions are consistent (and tested) with each other.

You can find details about the version string in the Information about the bugs fixed in each SRU is available at the My Oracle Support SRU information page (requires login).

You can update a particular package or set of packages to address issues fixed by an SRU when updating to the whole SRU is not feasible.

Ubuntu (apt), Cent OS, Fedora and Red Hat (rpm/YUM) Linux server administration and desktop systems adminstration are covered in this tutorial.

The Oracle Support Repository contains a number of bug fixes and critical security fixes that can be applied to existing Oracle Solaris 11 installations helping to ensure that systems run without a hitch in the data center.


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