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Getting started on our Manitoba dating site is easy, free and insightful.First, answer a few questions about yourself and what you are looking for.But those hopes went up in smoke early Sunday morning when Armstrong was woken up by RCMP officers, who were making sure he and his friend weren't in the building at the time because it was on fire."The big question is why," he said, adding that he hasn't had an update on the investigation from RCMP.(Riley Laychuk/CBC) George Armstrong had hoped an old schoolhouse he was helping restore would one day become a place for local kids to learn again.But now, all that remains is a blackened hole surrounded by charred brick. At e Harmony we comb through thousands of profiles of Canadian singles to deliver perfect matches to your inbox.

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George Armstrong stands in front of the charred remains of the Ross Consolidated School.

He and a friend were restoring the school and planned to turn it into a museum before it burned down on Sunday.


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