When did eliza dushku and rick fox start dating

if your are 1/2 black and 1/2 white then that makes you 1/2 black and 1/2 white. he has just as much right to be with a white woman as with a black woman. You have the right to be what you want, but please don't get mad when people can't accept it.

Maybe you all would leave him alone if he got with a mixed race like himself. Yvette: Someone mentioned Vanessa Williams as a black woman and that is true, she defines herself that way because both of her parents are light colored African Americans.

lol howeva i do have a problem with people cutting a race off completely, espeically there own. Europeans made that up to cause confusion and division. BMW your mother was mixed but she chose to identify as black alone and that is her choice, that doesn't make you biracial, only your mother was biracial.

Cute n special reunion tho #Scooby Gang💋,” she tweeted.He aint all that but guess he must b good at sumthin it aint like she's broke she been actin since she was like 12. If these comments were made on a predominately white website would you call them racist? If your parents are of two different racial groups then you are biracial, that's where the term bi comes in.As for the race thing u cant choose if the chemistry is there u have 2 give them ur blessing its 2009 not all blk guy are doing that. God is Love and Love is GOD, stop hating on them and worry about your own problems. I am a dark woman and in high school I had a mixed race friend who looked like Elizabeth Taylor with a slight tan.After talking with many mixed raced people I do understand that they do not want to exclude the race of one parent in favor of the other.And I also agree that society is expanding its views on what constitutes one’s race.I don't look at race that way I never knock anyone for finding someone for themselves. It deprives black children of fathers, increase poverty, decreasing the black population, (many pass for latino), and so many other cultural and socioeconomic ramifications.


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