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is best forgotten–it wore its Oscar hopes on its sleeve.)So what is Warners doing?Perhaps they need more time and space and PR energy and perhaps a Toronto berth to set this up as a potential awards corridor movie.Peter had made the decision to build a city modeled on Europe, and he brought in these French and Italian architects, and he'd decided that every single aristocratic family must build a house in this town. "He was suddenly bringing the possibility of failure right to the table and shaking the whole thing up.We wanted to be massively challenged, and we wanted to hold hands and jump off the cliff together.The worst that would happen is we'd have failed, but at least it wasn't safe." Another inspired choice was to cast Jude Law as Anna's older politician husband, Karenin.Normally cast in handsome starring roles, Law appears here as the balding and cuckolded man who comes out on the wrong end of Anna's affair. postponed the release of Peter Pan origin tale “Pan” from the height of summer–July 24, opposite Marvel’s “Ant Man,” followed a week later by Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation”–to a more forgiving October 9th?

Petersburg was this sense of it being kind of fake. I find it fascinating that it's almost like a [theater] set built to make a statement about who these people were." "When he said we're going to do it in this way, I think I felt quite relieved," adds Knightley.

He makes it seem like [the film] is the most important thing in the world, which of course it isn't, but in a way you they were competing against dozens of previous adaptations that had already been filmed.

It was finally the duo's successful track record that helped silence many of this film's prospective naysayers. And then when we said we were going to do this, everyone was like, 'Oh! I know it sounds very weird, but we both work best when we at least believe we're the underdog." Though at this point she's no stranger to playing beloved literary characters, Knightley finds a level of challenge in each role Wright's selected her to play. There's that element where lots of people had played her before, and lots of people have their version of who she is because they read the book and loved the book." Though she fully commits herself to a darker take on Anna than we've seen in previous adaptations, Knightley hasn't always had such an unsympathetic view of the character.

To that end I am encouraged that this may be a higher-caliber picture, if perhaps less commercial than it needs to be to hit on all cylinders in a steroid-enhanced summer season.

The 3D movie starts out during WWII and tracks an orphan boy (Levi Miller) who is kidnapped by pirates led by Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) who spirit him to Neverland, where he fights Captain Hook (Garrett Hedlund) and cavorts with Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) and Mary (Amanda Seyfried).


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