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Clay Aiken is back on the market after he split from Broadway star Reed Kelly, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (Perez Hilton.com) reported Saturday.

Appearing with his newborn son Parker Foster Aiken on the cover of People magazine in 2008, Aiken came out gay.

Especially if it’s the Henry Cavil Man of Steel Superman. Song from my 54 Below set list that describes how it feels to have been on Broadway for the past 10 years: “What More Can I Say” from Falsettos. Toughest part about dating a fellow Broadway actor and the best part: Personally I think the toughest part about dating a fellow actor is that neither one of us has that stable 9 to 5 job that will always put bread on the table every night for the next thirty years; it’s a bit less reliable than that. I’m kinda obsessed with it and have been for years, not gonna lie. I knew I wanted to be a performer when: I feel like I've pretty much always known it.

Toughest part about dating a fellow Broadway actor and the best part: The best part is that Reed understands everything I'm going through and we can talk about topics going on in the industry for hours. He's playful, mischievous, mysterious, and powerful. ) He’s a guy who loves to eat; and the song is super high energy and fun, just like Josh. My can’t miss reality TV show is: Number one is most definitely Survivor, followed closely by Project Runway. First meal after returning from ‘Survivor’: Nutella and peanut butter straight out of the container with a spoon. Desert island Broadway cast recording: I think currently it would be A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder; it’s so fun and they’re all so danged talented! Superhero you’d like to have a beer with: Superman.

Aiken released his latest album Tried and True in June.

After competing on CBS’ cut-throat reality program Survivor, Broadway Boyfriends Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly can pretty much handle anything, including a two-night concert at New York’s 54 Below.

There is an urgent need to train a cohort of professionals who can address and resolve the increasing number of fundamental failings in the global food system.

The solutions to these systemic failings go far beyond the production of food, and are embedded within broad political, economic, business, social, cultural and environmental contexts.

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Preliminary thoughts on the role of these foods within the colony and who may have been consuming them are briefly discussed.To date plant macro-remains have been identified from 70 sites within Croatia, spanning the early Neolithic (ca. Despite this number, poor recovery and a bias towards the Neolithic period have led to large gaps in our knowledge on the development of agriculture in the region, which is further hindered by the low number of excavations that include archaeobotanical recovery.This paper summarises the archaeobotanical evidence available per period in Croatia, highlighting the potential for future research, as well as providing suggestions for the recovery of carbonised plant macroremains. I knew I wanted to be a performer when: My parents put me on stage with my four brothers when I was very young and we all sang together, sort of like the Von Trapp's.I'm currently a Teaching Fellow in the School of Life Sciences, Warwick University and the Education Coordinator for IFSTAL (Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning).In their new show From Broadway to Survivor (January 27 & 28), the guys will entertain with an evening of showtunes and stories about reality TV and the word of NYC theatre, and which is harder to survive.


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