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Madsen first became popular with audiences in 1986 with her portrayal of a Catholic schoolgirl who fell in love with a boy from a prison camp in Duncan Gibbons' Fire with Fire.As beauty queen Dixie Lee Boxx, she was the sexy love interest of minor-league baseball manager Cecil "Stud" Cantrell (William Petersen) in the HBO television movie Long Gone (1987).It was well worth the wait because I don't think I could have got that sort of training anywhere else especially in the United States...I always wanted to make a real career out of acting." Madsen made her film debut when she was 22, acting in a bit part she landed as Lisa in the teen sex comedy Class. She rules with an iron fist, but it's covered with a velvet glove. A: Well, she's very much like me in the way that family comes first, above all else, and God forbid you should stand in the way of my children! " Q: Did you pick up that ferocity in the movie business? " Then I hang up and immediately I'm like, "Who was that?

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This is a conversation women are having that's not in the mainstream media, where they'll show you a woman who's 70 and say, "She looks like she's 30! " But that's not how most people age; they don't have a glamorous makeover.For one thing, the parts I get now are so much better than in my 20s, when I was just the chick. And to screenwriters' discredit, many younger friendships are depicted as frivolous, or the women are [depicted as] enemies — which is not the case most of the time, in my experience. There's something delightful about that to me because I couldn't do that in real life — I'm not conniving.Q: "Madsen the Madwoman." Just how devious would you be? A: Yes, it came out on May 10, and it's called I Know a Woman Like That. It's about women from 65 to 95 who are living active and extraordinary lives at a time when the world tells you to go away and get old.Instead, the women in our film talk about the physical challenges of aging, and they talk about sex. We used that title because everybody does "know a woman like that" — the woman who's 90 and out in her garden every day. I feel much more like her now than I did when I was 30. I don't spend an awful lot of time doing that anymore — it's a waste of time, really. At one point Gloria Steinem says, "A good indicator of who you're going to be at 60 and 70 and 80 is who you were at 9, 10 and 11." You know, when you were still yourself and you were climbing trees; that's when you were still clear-eyed, before puberty changes everything.


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