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None of that seems to have deterred the happy couple, who revealed in mid-2016 that they were getting married, via pictures posted on Instagram, literally 24 hours before the ceremony!7 The last generation of Hart Dungeon graduates have been associated with each other since childhood, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that they ended up together.At a certain point, their relationship was acknowledged on-screen, and even made into a storyline after Bryan was forced to forfeit the WWE World Title due to injury, but only after Brie was fired for Bryan’s failure to immediately comply.A WWE 24/7 feature on Bryan’s Mania win also showed the two planning for their wedding, which took place the week after Wrestle Mania, at the same time as preparing for the biggest moment of Bryan’s career.However, in retirement, it seems as if Edge may have settled down and managed to get someone to stick around, in the form of former Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, who is also basically retired from the wrestling business and seems to spend a lot of time acting as Edge’s social media publicist/camera operator when he does something wacky.

Their dedication to keeping their personal life private appears to have been a formula for a successful marriage, as they have stayed together for over a decade at this point.Unfortunately, Kidd suffered a freak neck injury during a match which most likely has ended his wrestling career for good, although both do continue to appear on Total Divas, and Natalya has become a focal point of the new WWE Women’s Division.8 We can pretty much agree at this point that The Miz is the luckiest man on the planet, right?It remains to be seen if they’ll ever actually tie the knot, but in the meantime, they’re set to be the stars of a Total Divas spin-off called Total Bellas, which will follow Cena and Nikki as they interact with the rest of the Bella clan, which includes the next happy couple on our list…5 While Daniel Bryan being forced to retire against his will due to neck and concussion issues was definitely tragic, it’s hard to argue that Bryan didn’t make the most of the time he spent in WWE.4 The relationship between John Cena and Nikki Bella was one of the featured storylines of the early seasons of Total Divas, with Cena (who had undergone a public and messy divorce in recent years) reluctant to commit to a long-term relationship, while Nikki clearly wanted the ring, the wedding, and the potential for children in the future.


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