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As you scroll through the folders, information about each movie will be displayed. Change the view (the first menu item) to whichever one you enjoy the most.

Scroll through your library and behold the wealth of knowledge. XBMC is quite capable of hard work in nice clothes. I hope that your first time was as exciting to you as mine was to me.

So now that you’ve selected your source folder for movies, set the content type to ‘Movies’ using the first line in the dialog box.

Now scroll through the scrapers until you come to IMDb and press ‘Enter’ to choose it.

However, if you put a picture in your movie folder named ‘folder.jpg’ it will appear in File View as a thumbnail for that movie.

File View works basically like browsing through movies with Explorer except you can play a movie file in XBMC when you open it.

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I set my internet videos folder to ‘None’ which leaves it out of the library (no wasted time attempting to scrape data).

It will take a little longer to download all the extra info, but if you don’t want that stuff then why use a media center at all? If it does, then you have now completed one of the two most difficult steps in using XBMC.

This is done by pressing the right arrow to select the settings button at the bottom left of the dialog box. Scroll to each option that does not indicate it is enabled and press ‘Enter’ to enable all of the options. Just to expand a bit on content types, when I refer to movies, I mean from the cinema or made-for-TV movies.

You’ll want to repeat this anytime you have added a new movie to your movies folder as well.

I do not recommend configuring XBMC to scan for new content at startup.


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