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akan 1 will, about to (particle marking future events).

akang (Sunda, Jakarta) term of address or reference for elder brother.

She becomes aware of her pussy as it moistens from the thoughts running through her mind, and she begins to feel the need to satisfy her urges.

Kim stands dead still, a little nervous of this big beast and she realises that she never put her panties back on and is hoping he won’t pick up the scent of her wet pussy.

A little while later she arrives at her destination.

Her parents greet her warmly in the driveway and give her a gift.

For a moment she looks down to watch her finger massaging her most sensitive spot and smiles at the moment she can feel an orgasm begin to grow.

With her eyes back on the road, she increases her efforts between her legs as the intensity of the feeling down there grows. She lets out a loud groan when it finally courses through her body, making sure to keep her eyes open, but her attention is not as it should be.


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